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What is Foot Massage?

Foot massage (or reflexology) is a technique that exists for thousand of years. It is based on the principle that reflex points, which appear on the feet, correspond to body’s different organs. So in reflexology, the pressure that is applied to these reflexes on the feet, are promoting good health

Benefits from Foot Massage

  • Balance: Foot massage helps body to obtain a good health. It encourages harmony in body’s systems, so all of them to work with harmony to bring a state of balance.
  • Relaxation: On both of our feet exists the solar plexus reflex. You can think it like a stress-storage. So when your therapist presses the solar plexus point, you are feeling stress relief.
  • Blood Circulation: As we mentioned above with foot massage you are stress relief. Also, blood circulates around the body carrying oxygen and nutrition to body’s cells. Blood flow is decreasing when stress appears. Therefore, a foot massage can be beneficial for the blood flow.
  • Energy: Theories related to reflexology are saying that foot massage is releasing energy that is blocked. As a result, allows energy to flow through body freely.


Everyday, for so many hours, we are “punishing” our feet. We squeeze them into shoes, walk on hard surfaces. It is more than necessary to give them sometimes a great foot massage. All the benefits are significant for the proper functionality of the body. It is important to keep our blood circulation in high levels and always feel stress relief.

In conclusion, we invite you to try our foot massage sessions. It is a great relaxation experience and therapeutically too!

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Our signature foot massage duration ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Pick your duration and begin your healing journey.

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