Do I have to be nude for my massage?

not nude massage

“Do I have to be nude for my massage?”

That’s a common question Googled by people, and the answer, is basically, no. You can keep your underwear on, at least.

But, the point behind massage is manipulating the body, usually with the hands, by the masseur.

It really depends on which of our massages / services you’ve booked. Any clothing you wear should leave the areas to be massaged, uncovered. Trying to massage a clothing-covered area means that the masseur can’t easily manipulate the areas they want to reach, since the clothing makes the manipulations less accurate, and therefore, the massage less effective.

Any clothing you’re wearing would also be a concern if there are any oils and lotions to be applied. And if there is any sweating you may do, because that may stain the clothes. So if you’re going to wear something, pick something light, comfortable, and you wouldn’t mind getting dirty.

You can choose if you want a male or female masseur, so don’t worry about that part of the massage, even if you don’t feel comfortable with doing it nude.

If you want to cover anywhere that isn’t being massaged, you can request a towel. It’s usually provided, however, and not just for modesty. It’s an easy way to ensure you stay comfortable, resting your body on a soft, cushioning surface.