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What is Osteopathy

First of all, osteopathy is  a natural medicine with goal to treat the causes of pain and imbalance. It is using a hands-on technique in order to feel and “listen” to your body. It was developed by a US doctor in Missouri, 150 years ago. In order to listen to your body osteopathy is using a technique called palpation. As a result, therapist is able to identify a wide range of issues, like congestion, stiffness, dehydration. Moreover, is restoring proper function to parts of body, like bones, muscles and organs.


In addition, osteopathic treatment is proved that can reduce the pain in many areas of the body. Some of them area back pain, neck pain, headaches and many more. More detailed:

  • Reduce tension in the body and stress on the joints
  • For women, osteopathy is beneficial during pregnancy. It helps women to adapt and hormonal and structural changes
  • Relieve chronic pain and tension headaches
  • Increase range of motions in the joints

Also, except from the pain relief benefits that a patient could take advantage of, osteopathy is a technique is going to prevent injuries from your body. More detailed:

  • Treat trauma from sport injuries, auto accidents
  • Give the chance to the body to heal itself

In conclusion, osteopathy is a great technique. We are sure that after a few sessions you will discover the benefits osteopathy can bring to your life. Moreover, you will feel your muscles relaxed and free from stress. It is great with people with neck to knee joint pain or other related problems.

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